Learn How to Make a New Employee Welcome Kit That Truly Rocks!

Learn all the ins-and-outs of creating a new hire welcome kit that includes company examples and over twenty ideas on what to include in your new hire welcome kit or package.

So you just hired a new employee for your company and giving them a New Hire Welcome Gift Kits is a great way to welcome them in to your company as well as shows them that they are working for a truly remarkable company that cares for its employees and is another step in creating great company culture.

So now what? The first question that usually runs through peoples mind on what to give each new employee to make them feel special to show they were part of the team and what should the new hire welcome kit package? What specifically should go in it, how many items, etc.? This can definitely start a big debate, cause frustrations and more causing a delay in creating this kit or just sidebar the project.

We recommend a few things to get started on your new hire welcome gift basket. First, you should really allocate a budget around these new hire kits because the cost of these kits can vary from $50 to $5,000. Secondly, start with minimum viable starter kit to get something going and you can always grow from there. One suggestion that we would like to offer is don’t create a “Cheap Kit”. Please don’t, it will all go into the trash, be sold at a garage sale, etc. No one wants crap. Even a simple stick can be cool or cheap. The cool stickers, people will place on their laptops, motors, cars, etc. Lastly, just get started, create and action list and lock it out. Below highlights all the in-and-outs of creating and developing a new hire kit from the importance, what to include to new hire welcome gift basket examples. Take a look.

Learn How to Make Your New Hire Welcome Kits Unique to the Persons Role or to Your Company

One way to step up your new hire welcome kit is to personalize it and make it taylor-made to the new hires role, department, company type, etc. For example, if your new hire is working for the Sales team, or doing UX/UI Design (User Experience / User-interface) you can create a kit tailored specifically for the. For example, if the new hire will travel for sales you can give them a new hire welcome set that includes a laptop, laptop bag, umbrella, jacket, polo shirt, etc. that is branded with your company logo. Another example is if you new hire is working for the creative department as a UX/UI designer, this welcome kit might include design books, gift card to Linda.com (an online learning videos) to other company swag such as headphones, gift card to Apple Music or Spotify, etc.

Below are some examples of purpose-built new hire kits specifically made for people roles and positions.

What are the Benefits of a New Employee Welcome Kits?

The benefits of a new hire welcome kit goes on and on for both the new employee, the team and the company. The employee will benefit by feeling wanted and motivated to start working as this company cares and has already invested in them from the very start.

In addition, by creating a great first impression by giving your new hire this welcome gift box the new employee maybe compelled to share the news with their friends and family as well as take a photo of the gift box and share it on their social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so. In turn, this will create brand awareness and promote what a cool company you are and should be worth considering when you’re looking for a new job.

In addition, if you supply branded company materials such as a polo shirt, laptop bag, etc. the new employee will use and wear these items (as long as they are not super cheep - Don’t be that person) and this will help spread brand awareness for you company as well.

New Employee Welcome Kit Examples

New hire welcome baskets and gift boxes can be super creative and generous, come packaged in a variety of ways such as a gift basket, customized kit, stylized box, etc. Some people and companies talk how “We Should Do” and then there are the remarkable companies that take on the task and make it happen and create these awesome new hire welcome gift basket, kits, boxes, etc. Below are examples of some new hire welcome kits and gifts is a sample of some very creative gift boxes and baskets that were put together by a variety of companies such as: Facebook and Ebay and more. To see the ultimate list of new hire welcome kits and basket gifts, click here.

percolate welcome gift basket for new employees

What to Include in Your New Hire Welcome Kit or Gift Basket?

Overall, the best new hire welcome packages are created over a period of time and tend to be enhanced and modify new tools, technology and employee feedback. If you’re looking to create your first employee welcome package it is sometimes hard to know what will work and what doesn’t. Again you will need to set an initial budget so you don’t get too carried away, which is easy to do when creating a fun project like this. Talk with you employees, look at other examples in what other companies created and included in their new welcome kits to get you started. Also, stay tuned-in to some of that latest trends and hot items that present them selves. For example, Pop Sockets were huge and a great add-on to add to your new hire welcome gift basket. The biggest thing is to get started and stay in-sync and keep the project moving and don’t let up.

Company Branded Materials

Company swag should always be included in your new hire welcome kit so they are apart of the team and will help showcase and promote you company brand. However, please consider to make it quality and useful for on the job or that could be promoted outside of the company as well. If it’s cheap, junky materials the employee will possible toss it, give it away or sell it at the next garage sale.

  • Welcome letter from the CEO
  • Welcome card from the team
  • Daily planner/calendar
  • Company stickers
  • Water bottle or coffee cup
  • Poloshirt or jacket
  • Laptop Bag
  • Mousepads
  • Pens

Motivational Tools & Resources

Every employee could always use some motivation and words of wisdom. Adding tools and resources to new hire gift that help will help the new employee learn and grow is very valuable will support and encourage the new employee to learn and grow, but will also help advance their career, which they will apply in the workplace, which will help benefit the company as well.

Other Great Ideas for Your New Employee Welcome Kit

There are so many other filler items that you could include with your new employee gift basket that are small but could go a long way. For example, and Apple or Spotify gift card could be very useful for the coder/programmer to use so they can jam out and help them focus while writing code. Studies has shown that listening to music helps increase productivity.

Productivity: Calendars & Planners

Consider giving them a wall, desktop or even a daily planner personalized for your company. If you personalize the calendars, you could include your employees birthday, company events, conferences and work anniversaries. This will give a new hire insight to other team members milestones, company events, etc.

Ready to Create Your New Hire Welcome Gift?

Now that you have a good understanding on "what’s the purpose of creating and giving a new hire welcome gift to new employees", now it’s your turn to setup up and put a spin on your new hire gift basket or kit with your personal touch.

Hopefully, with information above, creating these new hire kits and providing examples on the new hire welcome packages will inspire you even more. If you still need help in creating these new hire gifts baskets or would like Flipside Nation to create a New Hire Gift Basket, Kit, Box or package we’d be more than happy to put together a beginning or starter new hire gift basket to a more high-end new hire gift box that would includes company swag, iPad, earbuds, laptops and more. We can make anytime of custom configuration to fit you budget. Just contact Flipside Nation to take the next steps.

All in all, by creating and giving new employees a new hire welcome kit offers some many positive rewards. One of the best rewards is when you give the employee their welcome gift and seeing this reactions. What a great sight to see. Now its’ your turn. Here’s some examples of some new employee welcome kits to give you some ideas to get you going.

Good luck and please send photos! We’d love to hear how it turned out and what your new employees reactions were.

Best New Hire Welcome Kit Examples

Below is a link to over 20 great ideas for new employees welcome kits, boxes, packages and other example and ideas to welcome your new hire to the workplace.