How People Use Personality Tests to Find Their Purpose

Whether you are looking to find a career that you will enjoy and succeed in or if you are looking to find ideas for a side venture to find joy in, your personality type can factor into many different facets of your job.

Your personality affects a lot in your life. It can affect how you learn, how well you work in group settings, how logically or emotionally you think, or how well you can focus on specific subjects and studies. In a career or job setting, this can specifically affect and develop:

  • People skills
  • Leadership qualities
  • Adaptability
  • Organization skills
  • Motivations and interests

(There can be, of course, more affected by your personality in your career, but this is for a broad scope of personalities and jobs.)

Personality Test Options

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Personality Test


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (or Myers-Briggs Personality Test) is the most well known personality test, as it determines four to five major characteristics of a person and displays the individual’s characteristics as one of sixteen to thirty-two personality types (depending on which site you use), each with a unique set of qualities and traits. The Myers-Briggs Test determines whether you are:

  • An introvert or an extravert
  • Sensory or intuitive
  • Feeling or thinking
  • Perceiving or judging
  • Assertive or turbulent

For $50, you can take the official Myers-Briggs Test here, or you can take a similar test for free here. If you’ve already determined what your personality type is, find out more about your type here.

The Enneagram Personality Test


The Enneagram Test (or iEQ9) is another personality type test that utilizes archetypes to identify how different people have connected personalities and qualities. This test uses positive traits found in each individual to exhibit helpful qualities to develop and great qualities that already are present in an individual. The Enneagram has nine main personality types that it separates people into, including:

  • Strict Perfectionist
  • Considerate Helper
  • Competitive Achiever
  • Intense Creative
  • Quiet Specialist
  • Loyal Sceptic
  • Enthusiastic Visionary
  • Active Controller
  • Adaptive Peacemaker

Each of these nine major personality types also relate to a specific placement on the circle, whether on a specific arc or point on the graphic. These include centers of structure, intelligence, and expression. There are also three subdivisions of each major personality, each pertaining to an individual’s nature to lean more toward self-preservative, one-on-one, or social personalities. You can take the Enneagram Test here for $23 (depending on what details you would like for your personality).

DiSC Personality Test


DiSC Personality Test Another personality test that uses questions to determine major personality types is the DiSC assessment. This personality assessment provides business information with their clients’ results and includes socialization and team-working information for each personality type. DiSC stands for the four major personality types sorted by this assessment, which include: Dominance Influence Steadiness Conscientiousness There are also three subcategories for each major personality type, which are based on an individual’s priorities. Take the DiSC Assessment here from $64.50 or take a similar test here for free.