Company Swag Ideas That Customers & Employees Really Want!

Every year companies research to find the best company swag to give to their employees or to their customers to show their appreciation and to create brand awareness, but unfortunately some of these companies settled for cheap swag tchotchkes, which reflects poorly on the company and these swag tchotchkes usually end up pass along to someone else, sold or given away at garage sales or just end up in the trash because they don't work at all.

However, on the flipside, when you purchased really cool, trendy or a high quality swag gift and pass them along people will hold on to, treasure, display and show them off and highlight these swag gift giveaways on social media.

Below we have assembled several of high quality swag tchotchkes ideas that are great for branding and including them in your new employee welcome kits or using them as a sales tool to gain to customers.

Company Swag Ideas

1. Branded Smart Phone Mount for Your Car


2. Branded Company Notebooks


3. Branded Company Laptop Backpack


4. Branded Company Wine Opener Kit


5. Branded Company Water Bottle & Mug


6. Branded Company Travel Media Pouches


7. Branded Company Socks


8. Branded Company Media Power Hub


9. Branded Company Charging Doc Station