FullContact voted one of the best companies to work for in Denver, Co.

FullContact Company Snapshot

1755 Blake Street, Suite #450 Denver, Colorado 80202

  • Headquarters: Denver, CO
  • Founded: 2010
  • CompanyĀ Type: Private
  • Industry: Software
  • Annual Revenue: $4.6M
  • Number of Employees: 300+
  • Website: FullContact.com

About FullContact

FullContact Inc. is a privately held technology company that provides a suite of cloud-based contact management solutions for businesses, developers, and individuals.

This company focuses and develops a contact management software that allows users to sync contacts, update contacts, merge duplicate contacts, clean contacts, and import and scan business cards. It serves individuals, businesses, and developers.

FullContact's Perks & Benefits

FullContact is highly ranked year after year as one of the best companies to work for in Denver, CO due to their great company culture and the awesome perks and benefits that they offer for their employees. Please note that sometimes perks and benefits vary between the corporate office and regional offices and can change or be modified at any time. We'll do our best to always provide the latest and greatest perks and benefits from FullContact. :0)

Competitive Salary

FullContact offers highly competitive salaries based on your skill set and experience.

100% Paid Healthcare

FullContact offers 100% paid Medical, Dental and Vision for employees and Spouse or Family coverage.

Casual Dress

FullContact loves flip flops and t-Shirts! They believe that comfort is a key component in productivity, so come to work and be comfortable.

3 Weeks MINIMUM Vacation Policy

At FullContact, life is more than just a job. FullContact offers a at least 3 week vacation policy, but more if you need.

9 Paid Holidays

FullContact offers every employee in the U.S. 9 paid holidays in addition to our 3 week minimum vacation policy.

Paid, Paid Vacation

At FullContact, in addition to time off, once a year you can take a vacation that FullContact will not only pay you your salary, but also give you $7,500 to pay for your vacation. They have a catch, you MUST be off the grid, no emails, no calling work, ABSOLUTELY NO WORK. What a great company!!!

Work Remotely

At FullContact if you've worked at FullContact for a year you can take 1 month off every year and work from anywhere in the world.

Generous Stock Options

FullContact believes that every employee should be given a chance to have ownership in the company.

Free RTD Ticket Books

FullContact offers every Denver-based FullContact employee can get free RTD ticket books to use for the bus or Lightrail.

Generous Stipend for Parking

FullContact will reimbursed for your monthly parking expenses. There are several parking lots and garages next to and around the area of our office.

Opportunity to Attend Events

At FullContact, there are a lot of events. They love to participate and host events, learning never stops and we want everyone to keep up on the latest knowledge and trends.

Primary / Secondary Caregiver Leave

FullContact offers 12 weeks of 100% paid primary caregiver leave, 3 weeks 100% paid for secondary caregivers. (And youā€™ve gotta go off the grid.)

Powder Day Policy

At FullContact, you're able to take a day off to go skiing, or snowboarding, or whatever, whenever you need to, but follow their guidelines.

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